17th November 2016


Carmarthen Foodbank is putting a new spin on an old advent festive tradition to help ensure hundreds of people living in food poverty do not go hungry this Christmas.

With Christmas approaching, the charity is urging individuals, schools, churches, businesses and other organisations to think about and support doing a Reverse Advent Calendar.

Instead of tucking into a chocolate treat, supporters are being asked to celebrate the countdown to Christmas by putting aside an item of food in a box every day.

They can then donate what they have collected to the foodbank over the Christmas period in a generous act of festive goodwill.

Many will go hungry and feel helpless this Christmas and New Year. As the foodbank gears up for another busy winter, issue’s such as benefit delays, low incomes and homelessness continuing to fuel a rise in the number of referrals.  Your help will make a huge difference to somebody in need this winter.

Shopping List 2016

Items we are running out of:         

Fruit juice (long life)

Milk (long life)

Tinned Ham

Rice pudding

Tinned custard

Tinned potatoes

Mashed potato

Sponge pudding

Treats & biscuits

Tinned tomatoes


Items also needed urgently:

Shaving soap and Razors


Washing powder


Shower gel



Bags for life

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