Carmarthen offer free clothes to Foodbank users

15th August 2016

Carmarthen Foodbank have started offering free clothes to its users last week and it has already been a huge success.

The clothes are donated into the Community Shop, which is part of the Xcel Project alongside with the Foodbank, and its volunteers bring down a selection of clothing for the Foodbank to give away.

In just one day they were able to help four different families and individuals. One person had recently lost three stone from not eating due to no money and was able to take away 6 items of clothes. A homeless person who had been living in a tent received food, directed to where they could have a hot shower and some food and took away some t-shirts and a warm jacket. Two separate families were able to pick up clothing for their children including school uniforms which they previously could not afford to buy.

One individual also received help from our Recycled Furniture project and was given a single bed for their child who they had been sharing a bed with for a number of weeks.

This is a great example of how all the areas of the Xcel Project work together to make such a difference in the lives of the people who need help in our community.

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