Trussell Trust South Wales Regional Conference

4th February 2016

Carmarthen Foodbank played host to the Trussell Trust South Wales Regional Conference on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

Representatives and volunteers from foodbanks across the region turned up for the all day conference and the agenda was packed full of helpful advice, updates, information on new schemes and politicial changes which may effect the future runnings of foodbanks.

In the afternoon, Helen Mary Jones, an MP from the Plaid Cymru party gave a talk on the policies her party hope to put into place should they gain power. A hard hitting and topical Q&A session followed where many foodbank members got the chance to view their worries and concerns for the future of foodbanks.

The day ended with a tour of the Carmarthen Foodbank and the whole Xcel Project which the foodbank is part of. The Xcel Project consist of a 12 lane bowling alley which proceeds are used to fund other community venutres such as Carmarthen Foodbank, a Recycled Furniture project and a Community Shop all situated on the site.

TT conference 2016 4


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