Sian raises awareness of food poverty

23rd June 2015

Carmarthen Foodbank would like to say a huge thank you to Sian Burgis for collecting food for The Carmarthen Foodbank as part of her Raleigh Internationals “International Citizen Service”.

Sian spent 10 weeks volunteering in India and then for her required “Action at Home” focused on “Live Below The Line”.  Sian experienced people living in poverty in India having very limited budgets and choice of food.  Sians aim was to raise awareness of the contrast between the extreme poverty and hunger of the 1.2billion people who survive on under £1.00 a day for everything and the abundant availability and food wastage in the UK.

Sian lived on £1.00 a day for 5 days and people who sponsored her donated food for The Carmarthen Foodbank, the donation of food weighed 103.82kgs.


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