Celebrating Time Credits in Carmarthenshire

23rd March 2015

Carmarthen Foodbank and Xcel Bowl were honored to have been invited to celebrate the fantastic work done by volunteers and use of time credits across Carmarthenshire.

The event was hosted by Spice Innovations which was set up over six years ago to recognise the hard work of people who volunteer all over South Wales and reward those people with a form of currency other than money. Time credits are given to people who volunteer their time with partnership projects or businesses such as Foodbanks. For every hour they volunteer they receive one time credit and this credit can be used on a variety of activities such as swimming in the local leisure centre or bowling at Xcel Bowl.

The event held on Thursday 20th March, was a chance to see how time credits are not only being used by volunteers and local businesses but how they have made a difference in people’s lives. The Deputy Minster for Rural Communities, Rebecca Evans AM plus other councillors from Carmarthenshire County Council were there to hear the stories from this successful and enriching project. Time credits have meant families can participate in many fun activities that they might not have been able to afford whilst meeting new friends and starting up their own community groups.

As a charity, the Xcel Project including the Foodbank not only give out time credits to around 30 volunteers who without them certain aspect of the project would not run but we also except time credits in the bowling alley. They can be used at any time, subject to availability but you must book in advance by calling 01267 225990. To find out more about Spice Innovations, visit their website



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